E Juice: A Growing Industry

With all of the extra laws and regulations surrounding smoking in today’s world, it really is not a very good habit to hold on to.  Not only do you have all of the added taxes that run the price of cigarettes through the roof, but you also have the fact that it is stigmatized in society.  Smokers are often looked down upon, and they are always forced to go stand out in the cold.  This is something that is certainly not fun to have to deal with, and that is why e juice has become a wonderful alternative for so many people out there who have been looking to try something new.  It still gives you the similar effects of smoking a cigarette, but it is not in the same tax category as cigarettes, and so you can often vape for a lot less money than it would normally cost you to smoke.

e juice

    The stigma also is not really present when it comes to vaping.  If it has not happened already, there will come a time when more people vape than smoke, and so it is something that is becoming more and more socially acceptable.  You will often find people in public places taking puffs off of their vape pens, and because there is no second hand smoke, few people look down on them for polluting the air around them.  The vapor just disappears into the air, as opposed to smoke which hovers around and never really goes away.  This is one reason why there is less of a stigma when it comes to vape pens and ecigs.

    It will be interesting to see just how much more this industry takes off, as more and more people are putting down their cigarettes and picking up their vape pens.