No Sweat With Kayla means You Might Be doing Something Wrong


Never mind that old school pain in the you know what saying; No Pain, No Gain. It doesn’t work; it brings on more pain and long-term damage than the intended results of losing weight quickly but healthily and getting into shape and keeping it that way for good. But you still need to sweat. Let’s just say there’s no Sweat With Kayla. Maybe you’re doing something wrong. It’s not just Kayla; it’s not her at all. It could or could not be the Rock for all we care.

It really is you. It’s all down to you. There’s really only so much a good coach can feed you with. But in any case, help yourself to a little more useful info here. Kayla, you could say, is something of a modern day exercise guru. She’s got her Kayla Itsines App to prove it. Read Barbara’s experience of the app here. There’s good and bad news. Always good to be realistic, never leave anything out. What’s gone wrong can always be fixed later.

Read Barbara

Just ask Barbara. But then again, why not ask the expert herself. Why not ask Kayla on how you can kick-start your new healthy routines with her app. If you’re really that serious about whipping yourself into shape, you ask a great many people. You could even ask Barbara. The thing is this, to have as many options as possible, but not too many, otherwise issues related to getting started in the gym or on the road that should be plain and simple can become unnecessarily complex and confusing.

By the looks of things, Kayla likes to keep it simple too. You need to find out for yourself if it works for you. Her app is downloadable.